Uniswap (UNI) Price Chart

Uniswap, a leading decentralized trading protocol, is known for its role in facilitating automated trading of decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens. The UNI price chart below provides a detailed view of its current market performance, showcasing real-time data and trends. This chart is an essential tool for anyone % p.a.ed in the dynamics of UNI's price movements within the DeFi space.


What is Uniswap (UNI)?

Uniswap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange allowing for automated DeFi token trading on the Ethereum blockchain. Launched in 2018, Uniswap has rapidly grown to become the leading dex in terms of trading volumes and popularity.

The unique thing about Uniswap is that instead of using an order book like traditional exchanges, it uses an automated liquidity protocol. Anyone can supply tokens into smart contracts to provide liquidity and earn fees when trades occur. This eliminates middlemen and allows trading even for newly launched tokens.

Uniswap also has its own governance token, UNI, which launched in 2020. UNI gives governance rights to token holders, allowing them to shape the protocol's future by voting on different parameters and upgrades. The UNI token has been among the top DeFi tokens in terms of market capitalization. The UNI price chart reflects the success Uniswap has seen amidst the rising adoption of DeFi.

How is the UNI price calculated?

The UNI token price displayed on the YouHodler platform represents an aggregated average from several major cryptocurrency exchanges. To calculate the most precise, real-time valuation for UNI, YouHodler gathers UNI's spot prices from liquid markets, including Binance, Kraken, Huobi, OKEx, and other leading exchanges.

By blending together this pricing data into one benchmark rate, YouHodler can reduce anomalies and give users the most representative, volume-weighted valuation for UNI based on global exchange trade activity. The aggregated feed from multiple UNI markets minimizes pricing discrepancies that may show up on single isolated exchanges.

UNI to USD price

The UNI to USD exchange rate fluctuates constantly based on shifts in buying and selling activity across markets trading the token. Therefore, investors in UNI should monitor the live market data tracking the token's changing value versus USD. Having visibility into this real-time spot price allows traders to actively manage UNI holdings based on USD parity and protect against volatility. Fortunately, YouHodler integrates unified market data feeds with tools for buying, selling, and multiplying positions in UNI. With these resources UNI holders can adapt their portfolio strategies no matter which direction the winds blow the UNI/USD price conversion. 

Check UNI prices on the go with YouHodler’s mobile wallet app

For timely and convenient access to the latest real-time prices for UNI, we recommend downloading our iOS or Android mobile app. The YouHodler mobile wallet provides full UNI market data and tracking of price changes for on-the-go updates. This allows traders and market watchers to access the latest market data on the YouHodler platform to evaluate portfolio strategies or analyze buying opportunities for UNI. These tools, available 24/7 via a user-friendly mobile app, enable an on-demand opportunity to check prices.

Uniswap (UNI) Price Prediction

Predicting precise price levels for UNI in the future with the crypto markets' high volatility is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get right.

 However, while the exact UNI price prediction cannot be known, investors can use tools and methodologies to forecast potential price ranges. YouHodler aims to assist users by providing frequent news updates, technical analysis, and real-time UNI price data to inform educated projections about where UNI's valuation may head. Traders can combine these insights with their own research to assess scenarios for UNI's market performance. While the future course remains unclear, arming yourself with diverse inputs for analysis can help develop balanced, risk-aware forecasts without relying on random guesses.

 Ultimately, investing requires managing the unknown - even highly informed predictions still necessitate assuming some degree of calculated risk.

Uniswap Yields Account

Users can now leverage their UNI assets to generate weekly % p.a. payments and enjoy rates far exceeding traditional Yields accounts. By holding your tokens in our insured, secure Uniswap Yields Account, UNI holders can compound returns over time just for storing their tokens.

Get a Uniswap Loan

Use the value of your UNI as collateral to secure cash loans without having to sell any tokens. Hedge and access liquidity. No credit checks required! Use it for anything you want, and choose between fiat or crypto loans. Discover more about using your UNI for collateral here.

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