Memecoin (MEME) Price Chart


Memecoin (MEME) Price Chart

Memecoin (MEME) is an Ethereum-based token that powers the Memecoin protocol. Memecoin is a decentralized finance (DeF) protocol and non-custodial money market that lets users deposit cryptocurrency to lend out to loan seekers and get rewarded for doing so. Therefore, depositors are providing more liquidity to the market while borrowers get access to quick and instant capital anonymously. 

How is the MEME price calculated?

Accurate crypto price knowledge is essential for any HODLer or trader. That’s why YouHodler only pulls data from the most reputable exchanges in the world to give you real-time, precise MEME price feeds. 

Check prices on YouHodler’s Memecoin wallet app and platform

YouHodler features an advanced all-in-one wallet ecosystem where you can check the MEME price, get an MEME loan, earn MEME in your Yields account and even multiply MEME with our Multi HODL and Turbocharge feature. It’s a true one-stop shop. 

Memecoin (MEME) Yields account - 6%

Cryptocurrency is volatile. That’s just a fact of life. However, you can always count on the YouHodler Yields account to provide a consistent return on your deposit. Memecoin Yields accounts feature 6% + compounding % p.a.. It’s a reliable way to combat the constant volatility in the crypto market. Not only that, but it’s far higher than any Yields account at your local bank and safer than a DeFi platform. 

How to get a loan with MEME

Don’t sell your MEME. Use it as collateral for a quick crypto loan on YouHodler. We feature the highest loan to value ratio (90%) on the market meaning you get more money for your MEME. To get started, just go to the YouHodler app on iOS or Android or our web platform. Then deposit MEME, use it as collateral and your crypto-backed loan will arrive in minutes. 

How to clone MEME with Turbocharge

Do you think the future of Memecoin is bright? If so, then you certainly don’t want to sell MEME. Perhaps you might even want to multiply it? With our Turbocharge feature, you can multiply MEME many times using a small amount of starting capital. We use our “chain of loans'' methodology to “clone your crypto” now so you can profit when the market rises later. 

MEME to USD Price

Like it or not, the MEME price is constantly changing. However, we make it simple for you to follow up on all the latest MEME to USD price action. Just scroll up to the top of this page and you’ll see the MEME to USD price update whenever you want. 

MEME Price Prediction

We would all love to know the MEME price prediction tomorrow, next year, or in the next five years. Unfortunately, it’s just not possible. You can always try and make an educated guess though. YouHodler’s blog aims to provide you with % p.a.ing content that can help you stay in the know and make an educated guess about the MEME price prediction.

MEME Value

What does the MEME value mean to you? Is it merely price or does it have more sentimental value? Whatever that is is your decision to make. At YouHodler, we aim to provide you with the best tools possible to make use of MEME value so you’re satisfied. 

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