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YouHodler “Refer-a-Friend” Promo: Get $50 and 50% of Our Revenue Today

October 24, 2019
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Do you want an additional way to earn money on YouHodler besides crypto loans? If so, then we suggest you check out the new terms of YouHodler’s Refer-a-Friend promo. Much like other referral programs, users get rewarded with money for simply inviting their friends and family to YouHodler. On top of that, clients can earn a 50% revenue share and additional money for each new active client they bring. Let’s go over the details now. 

How Does The YouHodler Referral Program Work?

When someone signs up using your referral link or promo code, we count this account as referred by you. If your friend funds his/her account and uses at least one product at YouHodler (loan, Turbocharge or conversion) we count this account as "activated". Both you and the owner of the activated account will instantly get a $25 bonus. Also, you will get 50% in average of YouHodler's revenue from the next 10 products your invitee gets.

Paid activation

You and your referrer will get 25 USD each if a referrer makes one of the following actions inside the platform:

  • Gets a loan from 500 USD or EUR;
  • Gets a Turbocharge from 500 USD or EUR;
  • Makes any conversion (except fiat-to-fiat) from 1000 USD or EUR.

50% revenue share

  • YouHodler gets its revenue from commissions taken from loan and conversion services. We're happy to share 50% of our revenue with you.
  • You'll get your portion of revenue to your YouHodler account immediately after your invitee takes his first loan (incl. Turbo) and/or first successful conversion;
  • You'll continue getting your revenue from referrals for their next 10 successful operations on the platform (10 loans and/or conversions).  
  • How we calculate your portion of revenue:
  • For Conversion services: Conversion fee * 50%.
  • For loans, incl. Turbo: (loan amount * Interest Fee) - Cost of Funds)*50%. On average 50% of the loan revenue is equal to 1% of the total amount of loan granted.

Refer-a-friend and start earning in just three steps

Step 1: Get your link 

Go to your YouHodler account profile to find your personal referral link and promo-code. Feel free to request a customized, branded promo-code and link from our support team. 

Step 2: Invite your friends

Use your favorite social media or other channels to invite your friends to YouHodler. Everyone who follows your link gets $25 instantly for account activation.

Step 3: Starting earning!

You get $25 for each active account in addition to the 50% revenue share from all produce your invitees use on the platform.

Tell your friends to harness the power of crypto loans

If you haven’t already told your friends how crypto loans can help you unlock more buying power using crypto assets, then now is the best time to start. YouHodler’s refer-a-friend program is a great way to generate a passive income on the side of your crypto loans, and crypto trading activities.

To see the total amount of people that registered using your link and the number of loans/products they used, simply go to your Profile page. All data is updated constantly, and payouts are deposited directly to your YouHodler account. 

To start earning on your referrals, visit YouHodler.com today. Customer support is available 24/7 for all questions.


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