Serum (SRM) Price Chart


The distinguishing feature of Serum (SRM) is the speedy and efficient way to cross orders and close trades. This feature is due to the Solana blockchain, which is known for its faster speed than other blockchain platforms.

Solana has a speed of 65,000 transactions per second, and the Serum algorithm is based on the speed and efficiency of Solana for most of its features. Serum also supports cross-chain resource exchange.

Traders can leverage the platform by using their tokens stored in other blockchains. For cross-chain swaps, traders must first send guarantees to the Serum smart contract address, which can be read on both Solana and Ethereum.

The guarantee is used to avoid possible commercial disputes between operators. Once the trade completes, the guarantees return to the traders. Using this system based on the guarantee, Serum plays the role of a judge in a possible exchange dispute, despite being a decentralized platform.

How is Serum (SRM) price calculated?

YouHodler tries to provide the Serum Price (SRM) as accurately as possible by averaging the trades found on Binance, Kraken, Huobi, OKEx, and others.

SRM to USD Price

The exchange rate between SRM and USD is constantly fluctuating, so it is essential to protect the stability of your portfolio. YouHodler offers a full set of tools to buy, sell, multiply or HODL your cryptocurrencies. This gives your portfolio the ability to increase regardless of the SRM / USD price.

Serum (SRM) Price Chart

YouHodler develops graphs for the prices of each coin, and if you scroll to the top of this page, you will also find the updated Serum (SRM) price graph. This service is useful for both passive HODLers and active traders because it allows them to follow the market movements from anywhere in the world. 

Check prices on YouHodler’s Serum (SRM) wallet app

YouHodler offers its app via desktop, Android, and iOS making it compatible with all devices. Our goal is to make crypto for everyone. That's why we've created an efficient platform with as few barriers to entry as possible. 

Serum (SRM) Price prediction

Nobody can predict what the future trend of Serum (SRM) is. With the help of YouHodler tools and analytics, you can take advantage of SRM volatility and potentially profit. Serum (SRM) news, technical analysis, and charts on YouHodler will allow you to implement your research on cryptocurrencies to increase your portfolio.

Serum (SRM) Value

YouHodler's job is simply to provide you with the best tools to enable you to make the most of your crypto Serum (SRM) regardless of the other reasons, whether monetary or philosophical, that may have motivated your choices.

Serum (SRM) Yields account - 3%

YouHodler offers stable % p.a. rates. In the past, our Serum Yields account (SRM) provided for 3% + compound % p.a. regardless of the fluctuating performance of Serum (SRM). % p.a. payments deposit automatically into your account every seven days. Your funds are never locked in the platform. You can withdraw at any time. 

How to get a loan with Serum (SRM)

With YouHodler, you can get a loan secured by cryptocurrencies that you can use, for example, to hedge your wallet in the event of a decline in the price of Serum (SRM) or as a guarantee to get instant cash in the event of an increasing value of your Serum (SRM). In any case, we recommend that you keep your crypto Serum (SRM) in your wallet.

How to clone Serum (SRM) with Turbocharge

Do you believe in the future growth of SRM? If so, use our "chain of loans" tool Turbocharge. Turbocharge allows clients to clone their crypto in bull markets using the power of loans. If you want to buy more SRM but lack the capital to do so, this is the perfect tool for you. Give it a try today.

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