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Serum (SRM) Exchange

Serum was created to overcome the following DeFi-related problems:

  • centralization because some decentralized exchanges are still considered inefficient and still considered too “centralized.”
  • interoperability between blockchains
  • scalability, i.e., speed in transactions

Serum has some important characteristics such as:

  • composability as a result of which any DeFi-based application can automatically integrate as if it were native
  • speed and usability, even considering that DeFi is slow and sometimes expensive. Serum, thanks to the speed of the Solana blockchain, offers the possibility to process thousands of transactions per second at the cost of USD 0.00001 per transaction.

Other important features of Serum are the presence of an on-chain order book and true decentralization. Most DeFi protocols are based on a centralized exchange API, a court of token holders, and a set of data provided by an oracle (for example, the prices of a transaction taken from the most popular exchanges). Serum, on the other hand, respects the principles of decentralization without sacrificing speed and usability.

The best online exchange platform for Serum (SRM)

By visiting our website or downloading the YouHodler app, you will discover the unique features that make YouHodler one of the most unique CeDeFi platforms around. With YouHodler you can:

  • Borrow Cryptocurrencies: YouHodler is one of the first websites to offer this opportunity
  • Access the possibilities offered by multi HODL: during periods of high volatility, the Multi HODL function will allow you to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by market dynamics.
  • Earn % p.a. on SRM: Use YouHodler yields accounts to earn a passive income
  • and much more!

If you sign up on our YouHodler site, you will find all the other features we have studied for our customers! Follow us and learn all the information you need to start trading Serum (SRM) with us!

How to exchange Serum (SRM)

After registering on our site to create your account and after receiving the registration validation, you will be able to start trading Serum (SRM).

Choose the method that you think is most suitable for your needs among:

  • Credit or debit card: if you choose this method after clicking on "Buy Crypto" enter your card details to be able to exchange SRM
  • Bank account: if you are among those people who prefer to use fiat money, you must select your fiat wallets, such as USD or EUR, select the "Bank Transfer" option and follow the instructions to exchange your SRM cryptocurrency.
  • Other cryptocurrencies: If you own other cryptocurrencies, you can use them to exchange Serum (SRM). Just select your wallet, and use your favorite coins to do this.

Serum (SRM) Exchange App

Do you own a smartphone or tablet? Our developers brought everything you've seen on our desktop portal to YouHodler’s mobile app. This app has been suitably developed to work with iOS and Android systems.

The fundamental advantage of using this app is that you can follow the progress of your Serum (SRM) at any time and in any place.

Serum (SRM) Exchange Rate

The opportunity that YouHodler offers you to be able to find, in a couple of dedicated pages, the exchange rate of Serum (SRM) against a wide variety of coins and fiat currencies allows all traders to quickly access the market whether they are Passive HODLers or Active Investors.

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