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What is Serum (SRM)?

What is Serum (SRM)?



What is Serum (SRM)?

Serum is a project born in August 2020 carried out by the Serum Foundation and headed by Sam Bankman-Fried. Serum has raised over $20,000,000 in venture capital through 10 private and institutional investors, the most important being GVB Capital investment company specializing in crypto and blockchain projects.

Serum came from the collaboration between the centralized trading platform FTX and the Solana blockchain, which is a project committed to creating a blockchain for secure and fast scalable applications and marketplaces. Serum is considered by its developers to be the solution to the most important problems of DeFi, with the intention is to eliminate any element that could lead to centralization. Furthermore, Serum has a cross-chain ambition that will allow it to interact with the Bitcoin blockchain as well with cheap and fast transactions.

The creators of Serum want the system to be decentralized but offer the security and ease of exchange typical of centralized systems by taking advantage of a fixed value stablecoin. SRM, Serum’s native cryptocurrency, is the first step to achieving this goal.

The token can be staked on nodes to optimize network performance and all the fees collected are then used to buy and burn SRM tokens on a weekly basis.

SRM is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain, while Serum is a fully decentralized derivatives exchange featuring trustless cross-chain trading that can count on the collaboration of a trading consortium and DeFi experts based on Solana and Ethereum-compatible.

What's Serum (SRM) price?  

What does YouHodler do? By aggregating the prices of the main centralized exchanges, it provides its clients with precise Serum (SRM) quotes and charts.

Where to buy Serum (SRM)?

Becoming a client of YouHodler crypto bank gives you the ability to trade Serum (SRM) with ease.

How to earn interest on Serum (SRM)?

YouHodler provides you with a savings account to earn interest on your Serum (SRM). To begin, deposit SRM to your SRM wallet. When the transaction is complete, clients start earning interest immediately. Interest is compounding and payments occur on a weekly basis.

How to take a loan with Serum (SRM)?

If you want to get a stablecoin loan with YouHodler, you can give your Serum (SRM) as a guarantee at the best and most competitive conditions on the market. YouHodler features loan to value ratios as high as 90% meaning you get more money for your collateral. Don't sell your SRM. Use it for a loan today. 

How to trade Serum (SRM)?

Use YouHodler's Multi HODL feature to trade SRM in an efficient way. Long or short SRM with multiplier levels as high as x50. Low commissions mean clients keep more money when they profit and with the market so volatile, there are opportunities to do so every day. Don't just HODL SRM. Activate your crypto and put it to work. 

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