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A Smartphone for Active Hodlers

Show us what you are capable of with Multi HODL. Become the most active and successful hodler of the month and get an extra reward from YouHodler for your most profitable deal – a brand new iPhone 11 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Thank you for the interest but this contest is officially over. You can read about the winner on our blog post. Please follow us on social media and stay updated on our the latest promotions.

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iPhone 11 Pro

256 GB, 3 cameras, 5.8 inch display


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

128 GB + Micro SD, 4 cameras, 6.9 inch display

Contest rules

In anticipation of Bitcoin halving, more HODLers are accumulating BTC in their wallets. However, no one truly knows how this halving will affect the price of BTC or other coins.

It's time to decide if you are bullish or bearish and get your brand new iPhone 11 or Samsung Galaxy S20 in our contest for active HODLers.

The rules are as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Open a Multi HODL deal with at least $300
  2. Prove that your results are better than other “YouHodlers” at the end of the contest (May 19th).
  3. Get your new shiny iPhone 11 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Active HODLers rating


You can read about the winner on our blog post

check the winner

Contest details:

  1. You can track your current results on the special contest page. Data is updated once per minute. The position in the rating depends on your current Multi HODL result in a percentage of the profit. For the convenience of calculations, the ratings show only the positive deals of participants.

  2. You can open the deal with any cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, XLM, etc, except Demo Funds).

  3. The number of deals for one user is unlimited. If your first deal is not at the top of the list, just open another one with a higher Profit/loss-level.

  4. Participation in this contest is automated. All you need is to open Multi HODL deals with at least $300 (or equivalent in crypto), and you will be a participant.

  5. The final calculation of the contest results will be revealed at 23:59 UTC on the 18th of May.

  6. You are able to choose: a) To get a real smartphone an iPhone 11 Pro 256Gb or Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 128Gb; b) Or to get equivalent to the retail price in EUR or USD. The prize will be deposited to your YouHodler fiat wallet in 3 days after the contest ends. If you choose a smartphone, it will be ordered and shipped via official service on apple.com or samsung.com (if available for your country/ location).