MiCA Changes in EU

Jun 20, 2024

The European Union's Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) regulation is set to bring significant changes to the crypto landscape. This regulation aims to create a standardized regulatory framework, ensuring transparency, protecting investors, and preventing market manipulation. 

As part of these changes, starting June 30th, 2024, certain stablecoins will no longer be available for new operations and in yield accounts in the EU. This update affects all brokers and aims to maintain a level playing field across the industry.

What is MiCA?

MiCA, or the Markets in Crypto-Assets regulation, is a new set of regulations introduced by the European Union to establish a comprehensive framework for the crypto-asset market. The primary goals of MiCA are to:

  • Ensure Transparency: Implement clear rules and requirements for crypto-assets to improve market integrity.
  • Protect Investors: Provide greater security and protection for individuals investing in crypto-assets.
  • Prevent Market Manipulation: Create measures to prevent fraudulent activities and ensure fair market practices.

Impact on Stablecoins

Please note that all stablecoins will no longer be available for yield accounts within the EU and certain services may be limited for USDT (Tether), USDP (Pax Dollar), TUSD (TrueUSD), PYUSD (PayPal USD), HUSD (Huobi USD), PAXG (PAX Gold), and DAI (Dai). This change will impact all EU residents who have passed KYC as EU residents.

YouHodler and MICA

At YouHodler, we are committed to turning these regulatory changes into opportunities for our clients. Our goal is to continue providing competitive and advantageous solutions in the evolving crypto market. We see these changes as a chance to enhance our offerings and provide even better services to our clients.

What’s Next?

We understand that these changes might raise questions, and we are here to help you navigate through this transition smoothly. We will be providing detailed information soon on how YouHodler plans to adapt to these new regulations and what opportunities will be available for our clients.

Adapting to the MiCA regulations is a step towards a clearer and safer crypto market. At YouHodler, we are dedicated to ensuring you benefit from these changes. Stay tuned for more updates and information on how we will continue to support you in the evolving crypto world.

Best regards,

The YouHodler Team


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