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A free dinner for Active HODLers

It’s time to treat yourself. Let YouHodler spoil you with a $300 romantic dinner for two that will ignite the love in your life.

Promo rules

We will pay for your dinner up to $300 every week. Open any Multi HODL deal during the week and participate in the draw every Friday. More deals – more chances to win a weekly prize draw.

Every Friday morning on Twitter, we will determine the winner of the past week who will receive a free dinner from us to celebrate their successful Multi HODL deal.

The rules are as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Open any Multi HODL deal starting from $300.
  2. Find the pinned thread on YouHodler’s Twitter and retweet it as well as tweet about your participation in the thread.
  3. Wait for the draw on the nearest Friday.

This week’s latest participants

Full list of participants

Draw details:

  1. The winner will be determined randomly from the list of all opened or closed deals of the week. It doesn't matter if it’s a profitable deal or not. The most important part for us is that Active HODLers always win.

  2. You can track your current participation and results on the special page. Data is updated once per minute. The position in the rating depends on the date and time of the deal.

  3. You can open the deal with any cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, XLM, etc, except Demo Funds).

  4. The number of deals for one user is unlimited.

  5. Participation in this draw is automated. All you need is to open Multi HODL deals with at least $300 (or equivalent in crypto), and tweet about your participation on our twitter account, and you will be a participant.

  6. The final calculations of the participants will be revealed every Thursday at 23:59 UTC. The list will start calculating the new participants every Friday at 00:00 UTC.

  7. The winner of the week should tweet his/her receipt from the restaurant or food delivery service of their choice and YouHodler will compensate for all food and drinks up to $150 per person (2 person limit). The amount will be compensated in a Bitcoin equivalent to the winner's account.

  8. The period of promo from the 5th of June till the 12th of June. The organizer could change the dates of the promo at any time after the current week draw.