The Future of Web3 Banking Starts Here

  • Use decentralized apps directly from your YouHodler wallet

  • Invest in both on-chain staking and traditional bonds in one app

  • Make purchases with the physical card and get up to 5% cashback

Use both custodial and non-custodial wallets in one app

Why didn’t anyone think of this before?
Use trending DApps like Uniswap, Step App or OpenSea right in the YouHodler application. No additional apps needed.
Benefit from multiple CeFi services simultaneously: Card and bank payments, off-chain P2P transfers with no fees and more.

On-chain staking and traditional bonds

The best of both worlds
4.5% APY
6% APY
9% APY
US T-Bond
4.5% APY
UK Long Gilt
1.6% APY
German Bond
1% APY
Diversify with on-chain staking and traditional low risk investment solutions. Both treasury bonds and PoS networks generate sustainable yield with higher APR than your bank.
Possibility to boost up to 365% APY.
* APY rates may change over time and fees might apply

A physical card for both crypto and fiat

It's your money. Use it when you want to.
Spend both with one card and get up to 5% cashback on worldwide purchases. Crypto and fiat at maximum utility:
Cards issued in minutes. Swap wallets in one swipe.

Our roadmap

Q2 2023
Physical credit card with up to 5% cashback
Q2 2023
Web3 connection and DApp browser within the wallet
Want join our adventure? We are hiring!

We build. You benefit.

We know how to build a bridge between fiat and crypto and turn it into a growing business.
Multi HODL
Play with your crypto on market volatility and earn passive yield on your investment at the same time. We are bridging banking and trading like never before.
Crypto Loans
Turn your crypto investment into cash without selling it. A perfect bridge between traditional finance (fiat) and blockchain technology (crypto).
WEB3 Banking
With the upcoming features and our current core features YouHodler will be the best gateway from banking to the world of Web3. 
This synergy is the core of our product offerings. We aim to build on this philosophy in Web3. As always, we approach innovation with full respect for technologies and traditions of the past while providing new, customer-centric solutions that are easy to use.

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The future of banking has begun