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See YouHodler’s New “Extreme” Trading Features

October 7, 2019
 Extreme loan plans will include record-high loan to value (LTV) ratios of 90-95% so users can get the maximum value for their collateral and make high energy trades.

The best part about trading on YouHodler is that you, as a trader, can manage your own risk. For those that want low-risk, passive income, then we have features like high-yield savings accounts and the ability to receive crypto loans in safe stablecoins like USDT and USDC, TUSD and PAX. But for those that have a little more guts, a little more bravery and a desire for high-octane trading thrills, then YouHodler has good news for you.

With our new “Extreme” line of features, users can free themselves from the restrictions of other platforms with our high-risk, high reward loan plans to earn your crypto how you want.

New Extreme Turbo and Extreme loan plans

While some people are perfectly happy with the current loan plans offered on YouHodler, we’ve realized there is a certain percentage of traders that want the chance to do more. These free spirited individuals like taking risks and many times, they benefit greatly from that fearless behavior. 

So for those users, we are happy to announce a new line of extreme features. Extreme Loans and Extreme Turbo Loans will include the following:

"Extreme" Turbocharge

To get "Extreme" visit the Turbocharge form.

Full list of "Extreme" terms

  • Loan to value (LTV) - 95%
  • Loan term - 30 days
  • Price down limit (PDL) - 5%
  • Loan interest (APR) - 5% (will be reduced by 0,1% for each next loan in the chain)
  • Default Set Close Price (Take Profit) +200% (can be changed in +10% - +100% range)

Please, be advised that in case if the PDL Level will be reached, all collateral will be sold
How price down limit works.
To understand general mechanics of Turbocharge loan please explore this article.

"Extreme" Classic Loan

A loan with the highest 95% LTV can be requested in the Get Loan section

  • Loan to value (LTV) - 95%
  • Loan term - 30 days
  • Price down limit (PDL) - 5%
  • Loan interest (APR) - 5% (will be reduced by 0,1% for each next loan in the chain)
  • Default Set Close Price (Take Profit)-  +200% (can be changed in +10% - +100% range)

Customer will keep all the borrowed funds without any repayments or fees.

Options Close now, Extend PDL, Increase LTV and Reopen will be disabled for Extreme Turbocharge and Extreme Classic Loan.

Earn your crypto the way you want to

Are you looking for a way to earn your crypto the way you want to? If you’re looking for a more exciting way to trade, then Youhodler’s Extreme Turbo and Extreme Loans will give you that rush.

These features are available right now, so go to YouHodler.com today to get started on your new trading adventure.  

It's worth trying! Forget selling your crypto with instant loans on YouHodler

If you would like to learn more about crypto backed loans and detailed steps on how to get one on YouHodler, please continue to the application. Start boosting your crypto portfolio now with YouHodler's lend, convert, buy or sell options.


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