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YouHodler Month in Review: June 2019

July 4, 2019
We released several creative features this month that will help propel our community into the next phase of crypto lending and financial technology. New crypto loan features like LTV increase and Turbo Loans make crypto credit more efficient than ever before.

For many around the world, June is the gateway to summer. For YouHodler, June was the gateway to innovation. We released several creative features this month that will help propel our community into the next phase of crypto lending and financial technology. New crypto loan features like LTV increase and Turbo Loans make crypto credit more efficient than ever before. Meanwhile, updates to our landing page and new collaborations will help define a bright future for YouHodler and it’s clients come July. 

New June features: Turbo loans, LTV increase revolutionize crypto loan

From the platform features point of view, LTV increase and Turbo Loans were the most prominent releases for YouHodler in June. In May, we noticed a need for a feature that lets users increase the loan to value ratio (LTV) on an existing loan if they choose. With this method, HODLers can get more fiat for their opened loans without having to increase their collateral amount.

At any moment, the crypto market can experience a bull run. While many other lending platforms lock your assets, YouHodler now allows you to increase LTV on existing loans to get more cash to maximize profits on a bull run without having to close a loan. 

Read full “Increase LTV” article here.

Following up on this release, YouHodler recently announced Turbo Loans. After noticing a pattern where our clients are using a “chain of loans” to leverage and multiply their assets, YouHoder customized a new tool that automates the entire process.  In one click, users can start with an amount (i.e. 1 BTC) as collateral, and theoretically “Turbocharcharge” this amount to more than three times its original value. (market conditions apply). It’s a simple, efficient way to use a series of loans that multiply your crypto holdings. 

Click here to see how to get more crypto for less using Turbo Loans.

New landing page and calculator attract new audiences

Perhaps the most obvious change to our platform in June was the physical redesign of the website. Thanks to our highly talented team of designers and developers, is now more user-friendly, attractive and informative. If you haven’t already, go there now to see the fresh look, and engaging content. Also worth noticing are the newly added loan and conversion calculators, seen on the landing page for your convenience. 

Success stories flood in; winner profits from YouHodler

June was truly a month of success. Thanks to our vibrant community, we were able to hold a YouHodler Success Story contest, highlighting the user experience side of the platform. While many contestants brought forth great stories, the winner was chosen for their creative use of the platform. Using screenshots to detail his journey, the winner proved that with the right mix of patience and research, crypto loans in a bear market can result in profits up to 400%. 

See how you can replicate his success by reading the full story here.

Sneak peek July 2019: ADA and crypto lending refined

July will be another productive month for YouHodler from a variety of angles. For one, we are happy to introduce the next coin listing on our platform. For the first time ever, we used a survey to pick which coin would be most useful. Cardano (ADA) won by a landslide and we want to thank our community for their participation in this vote.  

For those that don’t know, Cardano is an and open-source platform that runs financial apps for everyday people, organizations and governments all around the world. The layered platformed gives the system more flexibility for regular maintenance and upgrades via soft forks. Cardano claims they are the “first blockchain project to be developed from a scientific philosophy and the only one to be designed and built by a global team of leading academics and engineers.” ADA is the cryptocurrency that ties it all together and we are thrilled to welcome them to our community very soon.

Also coming next month in a variety of new features that will help make our platform even more innovative than it already is. Turbo loans and LTV increase are just the beginning. Unfortunately, we cannot go into too many details on what these new features are. The only hint is that you will soon be able to control your crypto loan risks with more precision. 

Stay tuned for more information on this coming soon! Thanks for reading and happy July!

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