Traditional Bonds

Diversify your portfolio with investment-grade bonds. Generate passive income with a safer alternative
to cryptocurrency.

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Don't sell your crypto

Keep your crypto without selling it while also participating in a diversified, traditional investment strategy.

What are bonds?

A bond is a loan you make to a government, agency, or corporate entity. They use this loan to pay for projects and other needs.
In return, the bond issuer agrees to pay you back at a fixed interest rate by a certain date or maturity term.

Invest in 3 quality bonds

German Bond

1% APY

UK Long Gilt

1.6% APY

Bonds are perfect for those who want:

  • A safe, stable passive income with tax advantages.

  • To save for a house, college, or retirement.

  • New investment exposure to other industries or governments.

  • To focus on credit quality.

Why Buy Traditional Bonds with Us?

YouHodler is building a bond between traditional and crypto investments. We’re combining the best of both worlds with an evolutionary service that includes
the following benefits.

Buy with your Crypto

The ability to buy traditional bonds with cryptocurrency.


Investment-grade bonds such as the German Bond, UST Bond, and UK Long Gilt bond.

Different Options

Flexibility in buying bonds with loans (use crypto as collateral for a loan to buy bonds).

Min $100

Minimum investment
of just $100 (a lower barrier
to entry than your local bank).

Last but not least

Low-risk, sustainable yield

Ready to invest in a bond ?

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