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Trading-as-a-Service (Taas)

Generate revenue and offer intuitive crypto trading for your clients. Explore YouHodler’s easy-to-integrate API with top-tier regulatory standards.

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Why Trading-as-a-Service (Taas)?

Generating additional revenue during “crypto winters” is difficult for FinTech service providers and retail traders alike. However, cryptocurrency trading tools offer benefits for both parties during all market conditions.

Multi HODL YouHodler

Crypto traders

can capitalize off asset volatility in bull and bear markets.
Multi HODL YouHodler

Powerful Toolbox

companies get additional revenue via an easy-to-implement and engaging tool for their clients.

What is Trading-as-a-Service?

TaaS by YouHodler is a plug-and-play trading solution for retail clients using YouHodler’s Multi HODL tool.

Via YouHodler’s simple integration through our REST API and WebSocket API, your business can generate an innovative, new revenue stream with minimal effort.

Taas By YouHodler

Who is Trading-as-a-Service for?

Multi HODL as a TaaS is perfect for


Crypto wallets

Crypto & Finance
merdia app

retail digital
payment providers

who want to find new revenue streams while offering attractive solutions for their clients.

From the retail perspective, Multi HODL is popular with beginners, intermediates and semi-professional traders.

How to implement Multi HODL TaaS in your business

MultiHODL trading solution is easy for your users and tech team


User opens a trade by choosing trading pair, price direction, input amount, multiplier, desired stop and loss levels etc.


Data of each trade  is sent to YouHodler trading engine via API


Youhodler trading engine and dealing team processes the deal, and send back the results instantly


Generated revenues are calculated and provided in a form of a report on a monthly basis. Payments can be settled in fiat or crypto.