On-Chain Staking:
Earn Crypto Rewards

Earn up to 365% yearly on your crypto
stake with youhodler
* APY rates may change over time and fees might apply

Pricing section

Staking gives you the ability to earn rewards on your crypto.

In just a couple of clicks, you can start staking, earning weekly automatic rewards.

Diversify your portfolio with on-chain staking and generate sustainable yield with a higher APR than your bank.

How to stake on YouHodler

If you're a staking beginner, just follow these easy instructions:

Step 1

Fund your account
Buy crypto or fund your YouHodler account with one of the assets that are available for staking in the image below.

Step 2

Choose an asset
Choose from the available assets in your wallet.

Step 3

Generate Yield
Your staked assets will start generating automatic rewards with weekly payouts!
For those with larger risk appetites, you can boost your yield to up to 365%

Choose your coin!

Let's begin


6% APY



14% APY



4-5% APY


Boost your income up to 365% 
using MultiHodl

Use MultiHODL to play with market volatility
and potentially boost your returns up to 365%.

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