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Multi HODL

An efficient and innovative tool powered by crypto-backed loans to help you capitalize on market volatility.

Boost your savings and keep your daily interest. Stimulate your crypto and find the right balance: take a limited risk VS asymmetrical high level of potential profit.

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  • Potential profit up to 290%.
  • No rollover fees for 10 days.
  • Use funds from your crypto savings and keep weekly interest.
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The Barbell Strategy

Limit your risks while being exposed to potentially high gains. Inspired by Nassim Taleb.

Savings Account

The conservative part of your portfolio and an extremely safe investment. We suggest to put 80 to 90 percent of your money in cryptocurrency and stablecoin savings.

12% a year

Guaranteed profit


No risk


Multi HODL

Small, speculative bets, the highest-risk, highest-reward investments.


Potential profit


Potential risk

How Multi HODL Works?

1 Select a source of funds: wallets or savings

All cryptocurrencies and stablecoins available. YouHodler guarantees to save the interest for the total amount of your savings.

2 Set profit and risk levels

Pick a desired take profit amount and an acceptable level of risk. Also, choose the crypto you want to use as a multiplication tool if you use Multi HODL for your stablecoin savings.

YouHodler initiates an automated chain of loans similar to Turbocharge. In case of crypto price growth, your coins value will multiply and the profit will go directly to your account. In the case of a decline in prices, you will get your initial deposit back minus the factual loss.

3 Get your crypto anytime

Watch your progress and close positions when you want to get profit or get the rest of your crypto back. Your position will be closed automatically after 10 days or in case the price drops below your loss level.

Your risk is limited. You cannot lose more than you set while using Multi HODL. You will never pay rollover fees, hourly or daily recurring fees. Simply pay the one-time origination fee and loan fee when opening the deal and then if you profit, there will be the one time 10% profit share fee.

4 Repeat

We suggest to use around 20% of your savings for Multi HODL and 80% for low-risk instruments such as Savings or Crypto loans. Keep your portfolio diversified.

Multi HODL service on YouHodler.com provided by NAUMARD LTD

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