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MultiHODL Index


What is MultiHODL Index?

MultiHODL Index (MHIX) is a cryptocurrency market performance indicator provided by the YouHodler Market Team.
It is useful if you want to invest in the cryptocurrency market as a whole or trade against it. This index is calculated as a weighted average of most cryptocurrencies available on YouHodler quoted to USDT:

MultiHODL Index Specification

Market Updates

Stable markets during summer ?

August 7, 2023

The dynamics of the cryptocurrency continues to be multidirectional without a pronounced trend up or down. The market continues to be pressured by news about the downgrade of the US and the largest US mortgage agencies. On the one hand, the market is pessimistic, there are statistics on local records of trading put options on major cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, the dynamics of quotations is accompanied by low volatility, which indicates strong buyers in the market accumulating a strategic position. In our opinion, closer to the end of the summer holidays, the market will decide on the direction, which will be accompanied by high volatility and large trading volumes.

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June 7, 2023
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June 6, 2023
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May 31, 2023
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Stable markets during summer ?
August 7, 2023
June 19, 2023