Identity Verification Guide

To take a loan or withdraw cash, you will need to verify your identity and your address of residence. To protect our customers from fraud activities, we require all users to complete the below steps.

Proof of Identity

Step 1. Identity Document

Submit photos/scans of your Government Issued ID. Submit a copy of one of the below documents:

  • ID card (scan both sides);
  • Passport;
  • Driver license (scan both sides);
  • Residence Permit (scan both sides).

Make sure that the chosen document meets the below requirements:

  • Document is not expired;
  • Scans of both sides of a document are provided (if required);
  • Scan of your document is in color and in high resolution;
  • Allowed formats: JPG, PNG;
  • The size of a single file should not exceed 1.5 MB;
  • The document should be in the Latin alphabet.
  • You are only allowed to submit a copy of your Driver’s License, if it’s a plastic card.


German ID, Driver license and Passport

should any questions arise, our compliance department may ask you to provide a copy of another form of ID.

Step 2. Selfie with document

Make a selfie while holding your ID (submitted previously)

Make sure that you follow the below steps while taking a photo:

  • Make sure your background is light (neutral color);
  • Look straight into the camera;
  • Your photo must be in HD;
  • No headwear and no eyewear are allowed on the photo.


Note: in case of a low-quality selfie, the Compliance Officer may ask you to resubmit your photograph.

Step 3. Personal information

You will need to provide us with the correct information in the Latin alphabet.

Proof of Address

Submit a scan of one of the below documents to confirm the address of your residence.

  • Utility bill
  • Telephone bill
  • Internet bill
  • Bank statement
  • Tax Invoice

Please, make sure that your document corresponds to the below requirements:

  • Document should contain your Name and Address;
  • Document should be in the Latin alphabet;
  • Document should be Issued no later than 3 months before the day of your submission;
  • A photo or a scan of your Document must be in HD;
  • The address on your document must match the address associated with your bank account (for Bank Wire Transfer purposes).


Note: should any questions arise, our compliance department may ask you to provide another document proving your address of residence.

General Info

The process of verification might take up to 24 hours. Our Compliance team will try to review your case in a timely manner. In case you experience any issues, please contact our support team via chat on, or connect us via email at


Updated December18, 2018