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Marketing Manager


Full-time position

Reporting to the Head of Acquisition Department.


YouHodler is an EU and Swiss-based brand with two main offices: Cyprus and Switzerland. YouHodler is an all-in-one FinTech and crypto platform. We are focusing on crypto-backed lending with fiat, crypto, and stablecoin loans, crypto/fiat, and crypto/crypto conversions, as well as crypto-accounts, generating rewards. Our platform supports BTC, ETH, LTC, XLM, XRP, EURS, and other popular cryptocurrencies and tokens.

We are an active member of the Blockchain Association of Financial Commission and the Crypto Valley Association.

The company was established in 2018 and since that time we are constantly growing and providing value to our clients from all over the world.

Why join us?

  • An excellent team of professionals
  • Real financial service providing real value to our clients from all over the world
  • Official employment in the EU-based company
  • Salary in USD/EUR with a flexible bonus system
  • 6 weeks of official vacation per year
  • Remote work with team meetups every six months in different European countries.

Job description and responsibilities

  • Research, communicate and establish cooperation with potential advertising partners for varied online campaigns, acquire traffic using different models (CPA, CPI, CPC, CPM, etc.).
  • Establish and manage long-run relationships with advertising partners. Maintain a high level of communication with traffic sources.
  • Plan, set up, and maintain mobile and web ad campaigns on different ad networks and other traffic sources.
  • Track and monitor the performance of each network.
  • Collaboration with the Front-end team for creating and updating creatives for ad networks.
  • Collaboration with the Paid Acquisition team in order to scale successful campaigns to new markets.
  • The main goal is to acquire as many new quality leads to the platform as possible, keeping the lead cost in the benchmark.

Job qualifications and requirements

  • 1+ years of experience as affiliate marketing manager, traffic manager, etc. in the affiliate network, traffic network, direct advertiser.
  • Understanding of the core principles of the performance-based marketing
  • The ability to optimize advertising campaigns and find the most effective combinations of targeting - creatives - costs.
  • Experience in gaming, gambling or financial, crypto markets is desirable.
  • Understanding what crypto and blockchain technology are and how it works is highly appreciated.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Understanding how to work with trackers and MMPs (Google Analytics, AppsFlyer, Adjust, Voluum, etc.)
  • High purposefulness and efficiency.
  • Upper-intermediate English level or higher. 


  • A true startup experience - no strict hierarchy, no bureaucracy, opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the growing business.
  • A culture of autonomy and accountability.
  • A people-focused organization dedicated to making sure you’re maxing out on learning, growth, and impact... And getting recognized for the great work you do along the way.
  • The chance to join a stellar team of talents from all over the world and learn from them.
  • The unique opportunity to take part in the emergence of a future leader in the Crypto FinTech industry.
  • The competitive compensation package, with a generous vacation policy.
  • Remote work with team meetups every six months in different European countries.
Send your CV to jovana@youhodler.com. Email title = Job title.

Our mission

We help people to stop passive "hodling" and use crypto assets right here, right now.

Our MISSION is to properly integrate cryptocurrency into the financial system so that everyone recognizes and utilizes the benefits of crypto as an integral part of the global economy.

Our VISION is to build a customer-centric bank that supports the coexistence of crypto and fiat for the benefit of people while respecting traditional finance, and legitimately integrating modern financial solutions.

Building bridges for crypto. Not walls. Blockchain is not a revolution, but a logical evolutionary step in the development of the financial industry:

PAYMENTS: crypto is just another evolutionary step after credit cards and contactless payments as well as an opportunity for further development of money transferring networks and protocols;

SECURITIES MARKET: crypto offers another convenient form of storing, transferring
and managing assets;

ASSET CLASS: In some cases, crypto is another intriguing asset class.