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Marketing Acquisition Intern

Montenegro / Remote

We at YouHodler welcome new members to our team. If you understand what is described below and it makes your heart beat faster, then you should apply for our Internship as it will help you gain expertise, take on some of the most challenging Marketing projects in the most competitive industry and join our team upon successful completion of a program! 

Upon completion of the internship every successful participant receive EU and Swiss certification on a successful completion of our program and our recommendations regardless your decision of joining our team after the program.

YouHodler is a Swiss-based Web3 platform providing innovative fintech solutions that bridge fiat and crypto financial services with simplicity, efficiency, and transparency. Its comprehensive suite of offerings includes crypto-backed loans, crypto reward accounts, innovative crypto multiplication engines, and universal currency exchange. While user-friendly and intuitive for everyday consumers, the full-service platform is also progressive enough to conduct advanced strategic trading in the crypto market. For more information, please visit https://www.youhodler.com/.

The mission of the Marketing Acquisition Intern is to be the driving force behind the growth and success of our company. The primary objective is to learn, contribute, and make a tangible impact on our customer acquisition efforts. Striving to maximize reach and explore creative solutions and innovative approaches to customer acquisition is at the core of this mission.

Why This Role is Exciting

In our company, internship positions don't open up often, but right now, it's a unique journey and an opportunity to experience something exciting, contribute to the industry's development, and grow as a marketing professional. Immerse yourself in the world of financial technology and acquire knowledge and skills with a team of true experts. Engage in all aspects of customer acquisition, broadening your horizons. Your ideas and recommendations will be heard and may be put into action.
Showcase your talent and become a key player in YouHodler's growth!

Key Responsibilities 

  • Market Research: Conduct research to identify target customer segments, industry trends, and competitive landscape 
  • Data Analysis: Analyze customer data, campaign performance metrics, and user behavior to derive actionable insights 
  • Campaign Support: Assist in the planning, execution, and optimization of marketing campaigns across various channels (e.g., social media, email, paid advertising)
  • Content Creation: Collaborate with the content team to develop engaging marketing materials, including blog posts, social media content, and landing pages 
  • Lead Generation: Help in generating leads through various methods, such as lead magnets, content marketing, and outreach campaigns
  • Customer Engagement: Work on strategies to engage and retain customers, including email marketing, customer surveys, and feedback analysis
  • Become a professional: learn from your colleagues, share ideas, and collaborate with the team to achieve excellence
  • Run your own campaigns!


  • Passion for Marketing: Evident curiosity about marketing and acquiring customers, along with an eagerness to acquire knowledge and progress within this domain
  • Communication Skills: Proficient in both written and oral communication, capable of articulating thoughts clearly and persuasively 
  • Academic Background: Currently enrolled in or have recently completed studies in Marketing, Business, STEM, or in a closely related field
  • Analytical Skills: Basic analytical skills and the ability to work with data to derive insights and make data-driven decisions.
  • Learning Orientation: A desire for continuous learning and professional development in marketing and customer acquisition
  • Fluent English

What We Offer

  • An energetic and diverse workspace
  • Full-time offer for a successful intern giving chances for career advancement and personal development
  • Exposure to the exciting world of blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • A chance to make a significant impact on our marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Flexibility in work arrangements
  • 30 days of annual leave 
  • Remote work opportunities 
  • The most welcoming team 
Interested in joining our team as a Marketing Acquisition Intern at YouHodler? Apply now to be part of our innovative and forward-thinking fintech company!

Send your CV to hr@youhodler.com. Email title = Job title.

Our mission

We help people to stop passive "hodling" and use crypto assets right here, right now.

Our MISSION is to properly integrate cryptocurrency into the financial system so that everyone recognizes and utilizes the benefits of crypto as an integral part of the global economy.

Our VISION is to build a customer-centric bank that supports the coexistence of crypto and fiat for the benefit of people while respecting traditional finance, and legitimately integrating modern financial solutions.

Building bridges for crypto. Not walls. Blockchain is not a revolution, but a logical evolutionary step in the development of the financial industry:

PAYMENTS: crypto is just another evolutionary step after credit cards and contactless payments as well as an opportunity for further development of money transferring networks and protocols;

SECURITIES MARKET: crypto offers another convenient form of storing, transferring
and managing assets;

ASSET CLASS: In some cases, crypto is another intriguing asset class.

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