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Reporting to the company’s CTO.

We are always focused on application stability & performance. For the DevOps position, we expect an AWS and cloud-based specialist to work hard together with the product team to bring the YouHodler services to the next level of performance. 

Job description and responsibilities

  • Create and support EKS, RDS infrastructure
  • Configure and update Monitoring & Alerting system
  • Maintain production and stage environments
  • Speed up the app via server-side tech
  • Maximize rps

Job qualifications and requirements

  • AWS DevOps - usage of EKS to run dockerized applications, and running AWS-managed database RDS
  • On-Prem - and experience of deploying and managing physical equipment (network/server) on-premises in multi-data centres.
  • Infrastructure as code - particularly terraform and ansible
  • The ability to debug and fix production issues related to the above
  • Building infrastructure in a highly regulated environment
  • Cyber-security knowledge and experience of systems hardening

Native or fluent English and Russian.

Send your CV to welcome (at) youhodler com. Email title = Job title.

Our mission

We help people to stop passive "hodling" and use crypto assets right here, right now.

Our MISSION is to properly integrate cryptocurrency into the financial system so that everyone recognizes and utilizes the benefits of crypto as an integral part of the global economy.

Our VISION is to build a customer-centric bank that supports the coexistence of crypto and fiat for the benefit of people while respecting traditional finance, and legitimately integrating modern financial solutions.

Building bridges for crypto. Not walls. Blockchain is not a revolution, but a logical evolutionary step in the development of the financial industry:

PAYMENTS: crypto is just another evolutionary step after credit cards and contactless payments as well as an opportunity for further development of money transferring networks and protocols;

SECURITIES MARKET: crypto offers another convenient form of storing, transferring
and managing assets;

ASSET CLASS: In some cases, crypto is another intriguing asset class.