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Buy Bitcoin (BTC) and other crypto with a credit card or bank wire

YouHodler is the only lending platform with full credit card support. Buy Bitcoin and other assets directly from your credit card or bank account. Buy, sell, send, receive, get loans and HODL most major cryptos on YouHodler.

Better than exchanges: buy and sell crypto in one place. TOP 9 coins, over 30 currency pairs including USD and EUR. Credit card and SEPA support.

How to buy and sell crypto on YouHodler


How to buy crypto with fiat

Go to the YouHodler app and navigate to the Wallets page. There are two fiat wallets available (USD or EUR). Choose a fiat option and then a method of deposit. You can deposit fiat with a verified credit/debit card or via bank wire.

After fiat is deposited, the balance will appear in the wallet. To buy crypto with fiat, click the Convert button on the fiat wallet and choose from any crypto or stablecoin option on the list.

Once conversion is complete, you will see the newly purchased crypto in its respective wallet.

how to buy crypto with credit card
how to buy crypto with crypto

How to buy crypto with crypto

If you want to buy crypto with other crypto (e.g. buy ETH with BTC), deposit initial crypto into the YouHodler wallet.

After deposit is complete, click the Convert button near the coin. You can exchange any coins to BTC or from BTC. If you want to execute cross-conversion, (e.g. XLM to XRP), you will need to convert coins to BTC  first and then convert BTC to a coin of choice.


How to sell crypto on YouHodler

To sell crypto assets for fiat (USD or EUR), stablecoin (USDT) or crypto, go to the Wallets page. Click on the wallet of the coin you want to sell and then click the Convert button.

Now, convert that crypto asset to the fiat, stablecoin or cryptocurrency option of choice to complete the sale. Once the sale is complete, the new balance will appear in the respective wallet on YouHodler.

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